Why Nursing Bra Should Be Considered For Breast Feeding

The bras that women have been using all their life cannot be the ones that can be used while they are breastfeeding mothers. Some kind of special bra is necessary for nursing women that can make it easy for women to feed their kids. That’s where nursing bra come into play.

Why a feeding woman needs a nursing bra?

While a woman is feeding, both infant, as well as mother’s breasts, need special kind of care and support than ever before. A regular bra cannot provide this care and support. The research says that the size of women’s breasts tends to increase after the childbirth because of elongation of her diaphragm. This makes it very essential to give their breasts more comfort and support. A nursing bra is meant to provide this support and comfort regardless of how they had maintained themselves before. This is why nursing bras become the perfect option for nursing women as they give them great support to feed their infants and these bras also prevent their breasts from sagging and bulging.

Why are regular bras not a good fit for feeding women?

Regular bras can serve as a barrier when the feeding process has to takes place. Moreover, it is quite difficult to deal with normal bras when you have to feed your baby at some place other than your home. That’s why regular bras are not a smart or healthy option for nursing women. However, nursing bras make women feed their kids anywhere and anytime giving them maximum comfort during their feeding time.

Experts also believe that the pregnant or feeding women must avoid the use of regular wired bras because these may affect the milk flow and may ultimately lead to milk ducts. Moreover, choosing the tight fits can also cause infection in women’s breasts.

How nursing bra is something all women need?

Nursing bras are specially designed for feeding mothers keeping all the aspects in mind. They are specially crafted for the women to use during the period of baby-feeding. These bras are designed to make the lactation cycle easier. It offers the required support for baby feeders without actually having to remove their bras.

Here are the reasons why nursing bra is must-have for a nursing woman:

1. The fabrics that are used to make a nursing bra is mainly the cotton or some other soft fabric which is skin friendly and never causes itching, infection, or rashes.

2. Nursing bras are made by keeping the fact in the mind that women’s breasts tend to enlarge after pregnancy and these bras can adapt to the changing size of women’s breasts.

3. Mothers need the bras that can be easy to deal with while feeding their infant. Nursing bras come with removable strips or flaps to explore the nipples easily for feeding.

4. These bras also come with absorbing napkins which are highly recommended by experts to control the overflow of milk.

5. Nursing bras offer maximum comfort and support to women’s bras and prevent them from bulging or sagging.

6. Nursing bras are healthier for your breasts, but it is important to have a bra with proper fitting as it can prevent clogged ducts and mastitis.

7. When in public, it also helps the mother to nurse her infant quite easily with minimal effort.

8. It also minimises unwanted and undue attention. Trust me that is really embarrassing.

Tips to Choose a Nursing Bra

A good nursing bra has to be flexible which has some extra space for the time when the milk comes in. It must not squeeze or constrict your breasts when closed. It should have:

1. Four hook-and-eye fastenings to ensure enough support and comfort.

2. Wide, non-slip shoulder straps, broadsides and back, and a deep centre at the front, to provide extra support.

3. Cups that can be opened and closed using just one hand, for providing you easy accessibility when you want to breastfeed.

4. Has an opening that is loose enough to give plenty of space for you to feed baby comfortably.

Apart from that, you must get your bust size measured even if you think you know your size. It is essential to ensure that your bra fits better on your breasts. It is advisable to not buy a nursing bra before the 8th month of your pregnancy because you breasts tend to grow larger and larger during the pregnancy and even after the child birth. So there must always be room for a little size change in your nursing bra.

Nursing Bras Make a Perfect Choice for Nursing Women

Because of their high level of comfort and support features, nursing bras are being widely used by a high proportion of feeding women worldwide. Most of the nursing bras are preferred to be made wire-free so that milk can flow smoothly and soft tissues of the breast can feel free. The straps of nursing bras are sturdy which can support heavy breasts and can also cope-up with the slight changes in breast size.

The most important thing about nursing bras is their fabric which is quite comfortable and soft. It keeps you free from infections and rashes. So choose a right nursing bra to ensure your safety, comfort, and convenience all at the same time.

Breastfeeding and Nursing Bras

Choosing a right nursing bra is important to make the mother comfortable for nursing in all circumstances. Although, in some cultures, partially nude or totally nude breasts are being displayed openly on beaches, in magazines, and in movies but there is a taboo against showing breasts openly during breastfeeding. No one in this world likes unwanted attention. And there are always some stereotypes that you don’t want to break. Breastfeeding with a full display of breasts is considered as a taboo in many cultures for ages, and you don’t want to do something that offends the society. So, a nursing bra is the only option you are left with. Thus, we can say that every woman needs a nursing bra.

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